Giveaway: Tilly’s Nest Notecards

Yesterday we celebrated 100 followers of Tilly’s Nest.  Since October 2010, this tiny diary of our chicken adventures has grown into something so much more.  Thank you everyone for all of your support and love!  To honor this we will be giving away one of our original note card sets.

Each set features ten unique note cards that are available for purchase on Tilly’s Nest.  These beautiful note cards showcase photography from our various Tour de Coop Series.  The sales of these note cards help to support Tilly’s Nest.   To see all of the note cards included click here.

Enter the Giveaway!

1.  Tell us about your all time favorite post on Tilly’s Nest.  Link to it in our comments.  If you do not have a blog, please leave your email address so we can contact the winner. This earns one entry.

2. Become a fan of  Tilly’s Nest on Facebook and receive one entry.  If you are already a Facebook fan you still qualify.  Remind me in your comments.

3.  Enter a third time by blogging or facebooking about this giveaway so that others can learn about Tilly’s Nest.

4.  Followers of Tilly’s Nest will get another vote.

Don’t miss this terrific giveaway and your chance to earn 4 votes to win our exclusive note cards.  Good Luck!

This giveaway ends on Friday, August 26th at 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time.  This item will only ship to addresses in the United States.

Hello friends, welcome! Follow along on our chicken, beekeeping, gardening, crafting and cooking adventures from Cape Cod.

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    We raise lots of chickens and when it comes to fair time that means bath time.It is so cute watching a slikie float like a duck in a baby pool.

    If I don't win I am going to make some cards with our girls.

  • I am a BIG follower

  • Oh I love this giveaway!!!
    My fave so far

  • Love your blog!!
    Big follower!

  • 'liked' you on FB!

  • Loved reading your blog. I too have my girls and recently just had them hatch some chicks. This is the first time we have had chickens who have hatached baby chicks. It's a whole new experence.

    Irma 🙂

  • Have just become a new follower.

    Irma 🙂

  • will be posting about your fabulous giveaway on my sidebar.

    Irma 🙂

  • Welcome Irma and Good luck everyone! Don't forget to tell your fellow chicken friends.

  • I haven't been through every post yet, but I love the Chicken Fairy Garden post. I have been a follower now for a few weeks. Great give-away!!!

  • I'm a new follower and I'm loving it!!!

  • I can't decide on a fav., but mine is one of the many about Percy Peepers. He/She's my favorite chicken here of all time!

  • I posted on BYC, does that count for number three?


  • Yay, I have all four points now!!! Who's winning???

  • Thank you for entering From Beyond My Kitchen Window and April Heritage. Thank you too for the kind words. Good luck to both of you in the giveaway!

    Thank you Qing! I have you down for 4 entries. The giveaway ends on Friday before midnight. I will notify the randomly selected winner on Saturday through the blog. Thank you all for entering and good luck!

  • I think my favorite thing you have done on your blog is the "Hug a Chicken Day." Even my hubby got in to it! We posted a picture of each of us with our favorite chickens. We took some ribbing, but it was all in the fun of the day. I wish I had one of every chicken I have admired on your blog and others' blogs. The more you learn the more you yearn form more! Merry Christmas.

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