Farm Stands

August 7, 2011
$5 a bunch, one of my favorites on the Cape


One of the things that I love about Cape Cod are the amount of farm stands that seem to crop up during the summertime.  Preying on the tourists, these lovely little homegrown stands of love, are filled with families’ delights that they wish to share with those lookie loos wandering down New England’s winding roads once traveled by horses and wagons.

Typically, these farm stands have assorted produce that families place at the top of their driveway to sell.  They are a surplus to the family’s need and are placed there for passersby to purchase, usually on the honor system.  What intrigued me the most though, is that people who raise backyard chickens are now placing their eggs on the side of the road in a cooler for sale.  Some of the farm stands are elaborate and others are simply a Coleman cooler filled with ice packs and a coin jar holding payments and sweet little instructions.

The time that you spend there is brief.  There is no dialogue and small talk between you and the seller.  There is not pomp and circumstances in the purchase, having it nicely wrapped in brown paper and twine.

However, this is what is magical about these honor system stands.  These farm stands take you off the beaten path.  They make you feel as though you have just discovered a secret treasure.  Knowing the quantities are small and limited, you feel excited and lucky to have found this little cart.  I love discovering these hidden gems in my travels.  They are a reminder to look forward to the journey as much as the destination.

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