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We are going away for a few days to the White Mountains in New Hampshire.  Our neighbor is watching the girls, as my usual sitter, Mom, is coming with us.  We are looking forward to getting away, but like a good chicken Mom, I can not help but be a little nervous, especially knowing that the fisher cat has been in our yard during the day!

It will be nice to get away but as always after a trip, I can’t wait to get home and get the report.  I love to find out how many eggs they have collected and if the girls were good.  I always worry about one of the chickens getting loose and numerous other things that only I would or should be worrying about.  Some people tell me, “They are only chickens.”  I tend to disagree.  They are all my pets.  They have names.   Like dogs, yes, I can get another chicken of the same breed but it would not be my Tilly, or Dolly, or Oyster Cracker.  They are one of a kind with their own personalities and I have a relationship with every single girl out there.

So I hope that the reports are good, the weather is nice and the downpours stay away.  I hope that the young ones remember to climb onto the roosts at night.  I will miss tucking them in and checking all of the locks to make sure that they are secure as they drift off to dreamland.  I know that when I come home they will be happy to see me.  Just like puppies, they come running and can’t wait for me to hold them.  The good thing is that there will be no copious amounts of slimey drool involved when I get my chicken kisses.

Be good girls, I will be home before you know it!

I do have posts scheduled for while I am away, please feel free to leave your comments that I look forward to so much, I will respond to them once I return.  I am not sure of the internet service I will have when I am away.

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