Summer Day Spa

July 23, 2011

As we continue to endure this heat wave across New England, I have received many tips and suggestions on keeping the flock cool and not stressed from the soaring temperature and humidity.  I have, created a day spa for the chickens.  There are many options for them to keep cool and hydrated.  Today, I thought that I would share some of those with you.  Also, please be sure to check out Beat the Heat for other suggestions and ideas as well.

day spa

Although the run stays shaded during most of the day, I typically place a towel to block the high afternoon sun in areas that are directly in it’s path.

I brought a fan out from inside.  I angled it, gently create a breeze across the run.  No rain is in the forecast, so I am not worried about an inside appliance being outside.


Dottie Speckles loves to sit directly in the fan’s path.


The Buff Orpingtons love to have their tail feathers fanned as well.   Here they are discovering fresh cold treats from the refrigerator.  Vegetables and fruit such as carrots, whole tomatoes, whole apples, halved watermelon and whole cucumbers retain their cold temperatures longer and help cool down the flock.


Today, I created a wading pool with cool water.  This plastic tray works perfectly.  It is about 3 inches deep and the girls, once they try it, should enjoy cooling down their feet and toes.  Tilly, the head hen, will of course have to try it first.  I placed some floating nasturtium leaves to lure the girls.  Of course, curious Dottie Speckles beat Tilly to the floating leaves.  She already ate two!


Then there are some that like to stay inside the day spa.  With all of the windows open, Feathers is content to stay in her nesting box, sit on her imaginary eggs, and be broody.

Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest


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6 thoughts on “Summer Day Spa”

  1. I have been spritizing down the outside run everyday.They seemed to enjoy it.The other day I let the water run too long..there was a huge icky puddle..oh my…but low and behold…they LOVED was like they were swimming.Each one bellied into it..and before long they were all layed out flat in it is what I do every other day…and I get the same results..happy girls.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. I love the floating leaves in the wading pool! I'm so excited.. I tried putting cold, cut up cucumbers in the hanging treat ball yesterday, and they LOVED it. My girls are growing up! 🙂

  3. Cindy, I would have loved to see those girls rolling in that muddy bath! Oh, do share some pics!

    Helena, yay for your little ones! I am so glad you introduced them to chicken pinata! Try a cold tomato in there today. Fun for you to watch and for them to enjoy 🙂

  4. My ladies don't seem to like watermelon? What's wrong with them? 🙂 I did put ice cubes in their water dish and they loved it! Seemed to stop the panting along with a little shade. I might try the sprinkler today though. 93 degrees here again.


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