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We had a very busy week here at Tilly’s Nest.  Most of my days were spent down in the schoolyard organic garden getting our volunteers trained.  This week we harvested beets, mixed greens and Swiss chard!  We also built a compost bin with left over lumber and hardware cloth.  It was great fun.

Back at home, the girls had their first real run-in with mites.  I think, for now, we were able to be proactive in our treatment of the mites.  With numerous defense and treatment options, I think that I was able to make the girls more comfortable and more likely to lay their eggs.  Thank goodness, I had read up on those little critters this past winter.

Autumn and Dolly are still broody.  Autumn is now going on almost 2 weeks.  I think that Dolly decided to go broody because she seems to enjoy it.  She has now been broody for 1 week.  Everyday, I find them sitting on someone else’s eggs.  Interestingly, Sunshine is intrigued by what those two girls are doing.  As I go in to retrieve the eggs, Sunshine runs in to see for herself the treasures that those two are sitting upon.  When I show Sunshine the eggs I retrieve, she tips her head down as almost to look underneath of the broody girls herself.  She seems to be saying, “Do you have anymore under there?”

The girls also got a treat of beet greens today, confused at first thinking it was lettuce, they were a bit surprised when they took a bite.  However, it took no time for them to gobble up every last bit.  I even took a large handful of the greens and compacted it into a ball and placed it into the hanging treat ball.  Tilly loves to play pinata!

Finally, we had our very first giveaway this week.  The last day to enter is today and tomorrow, I will announce who is going home with the Eggcellent Sprout and Grass kit from Treats for Chickens.  You can still enter up until midnight tonight. Good Luck!

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  • My BO LOVES to run into the house too to watch me collect eggs. She is so curious. I have a feeling she's going to be my broody mama of my three.

  • Oh, Flock Mistress, I wonder if they are long lost sisters! So cute huh? By the way, you won the giveaway! Congrats 🙂

  • I just saw that I won. I'm totally surprised. I NEVER win anything. My girls are going to be so excited. I'm really working on giving them more treats and healthy treats to prevent another incident like Coco had last week.

    How can I get you my info so it's not public?

  • So cute that you have help checking under the hens.


  • Oh Teresa, she is such a curious girl! I wish you could meet her in person.