Egg Drought

July 21, 2011

The girls have slowed down laying eggs.  In the early Spring and Summer, we were enjoying six eggs per day.  However, lately this has changed.  I was lucky to get one egg yesterday and two the day before.  I knew that the Silkies would not lay while broody.  Yet, I had grown accustomed to seeing three large eggs per day while the Silkies sat on their imaginary eggs.   It could only mean one thing, the heat is taking it’s toll on the girls.

Despite my best efforts to keep them cool, they must be stressed from the heat.  Poor girls.  Other than not laying eggs, they feel fine.  They still enjoy frolicking in the run and yard.  They enjoy treats from the kitchen and water cooled with blocks of ice.  They still enjoy their mid afternoon nap and Dottie Speckles still enjoys living with gusto!

I know that once this heat and humidity will break and the eggs will return.  The Silkies are finally done with being broody except for Feathers and next week Fifi will turn 20 weeks, which means her first egg will be laid any day now.  I miss those eggs, and hate to think about having to go back to the “dark side” and purchase eggs from the local grocer.  Maybe, I will have to make a trip to Wingscorton Farm, pick up eggs and see how their girls are dealing with the heat.

Photo Credit:  Rodale Institute


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4 thoughts on “Egg Drought”

  1. Between broodies and the heat, our egg production has diminished a bit here, too. I sure hope you never need to buy eggs from the store. *shiver* Oh, I know – maybe you need to get another 12 or so chickens to provide a buffer for slow egg months 🙂

  2. This heat is really taking its toll on everyone. Of course, the raccoon is what did in my eggs (and chickens and ducks). Hopefully, I've gotten rid of them now.



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