July 17, 2011

Dolly, our year old Lavender Silkie Bantam, was purchased as pullet last Fall from a farm in Cotuit.  She turned one in May and is one of the sweetest chickens that we own. 

Immediately, when she was integrated into the flock, Chocolate, our rooster, took a liking to her. They were always together.  However, prior to that, Tilly was his girl and she was now replaced by this fluffy little beauty.  Tilly’s feelings were hurt and she started to dislike Dolly.  Since then, Chocolate has been rehomed, but Tilly still holds her grudge against Dolly.  Dolly on the other hand, just avoids Tilly and her life is without conflict. 

Dolly is at the top of the Sikie pecking order, which put her in the middle of the order between the 8 girls.  She commands the attention of our other Silkies; Feathers, Fifi and Autumn.  She can be assertive when necessary and can be found bossing the other Silkies around.

She also loves to be broody.  As Silkies are prone to broodiness, so is Dolly.  It seems as though her broody cycles will break for a bit. Then she will lay two weeks worth of eggs, and return to being broody.  We actually allowed her to hatch her own clutch of eggs this past early Spring.  She made a fantastic mother and successfully hatched 7 out of her 8 fertilized eggs.  If you would like to read about Dolly’s adventures in motherhood, it begins here

She is also incredibly smart.  She knows her name.  She even understands when I even give her little commands.  She also comes when I call her.  She is a lovable girl with a soft spot for motherhood, making her one of my favorite girls.

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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2 thoughts on “Dolly”

  1. Cute! How long did it take for them to get a few basics down? I wish mine would figure a few things out.. all with due time and consistency I suppose.

    I did train a few to come when called.. sorta. I used Japanese beetles as incentives.. although they also think the come hither call is

    "OMG ewwwwwwwww yuckyuckyuckyuck GROSSSSS.. Get the bug! GetitGetitGetit"

    It's not quite the phrase I was hoping to train them to. They also don't quite hunt bugs.. rather they follow me and wait for me to catch bugs for them.

    I was collecting the beetles in a jug of ice water. They drop in and get too cold to fly away. The chickens hear the sloshing jug as I pour it into a tray for them to get the bugs. Also not the best idea. They see ice cubes as that which conceals their favorite treat.. so any iced drink in their sights.. and they are bobbing in it looking for bugs.

  2. Hi Anne,
    Out of all 4 Silkies, Dolly is the best trained. A big incentive was when I would take her off the nest when she was sitting on her eggs. I would put her in the run and when it was time to return her to the babies. I'd call her. I guess, her children were the incentive. Try training them with raisins too. I love your bug story! You are such a good Mama.


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