Chicken Keeping Workshop

Terry with one of her “gems”

Terry Golson has been keeping chickens for the past 15 years.  I first “met” Terry through her fabulous website.  Not only would I sneak a peek at one of her animal cameras but I also found her blog extremely informative and entertaining.  I always find myself looking forward to her farm adventures.  One of my Cape Cod chicken girlfriends, MaryAnn had invited me to attend Terry’s chicken keeping workshop.  We both leaped at the chance to finally meet this “iconic” woman herself and absorb her expertise in keeping chickens.

It was a beautiful clear day.  The weather was perfect, bright without a cloud in the sky.  After about an hour and forty minutes, we were west of Boston standing in the middle of Little Pond Farm.  It was even more magical than it appeared on the hencam.

Pip and Caper

About 15 of us wandered and roamed the farm.  We learned so much in the two hours that we spent together.  Time flew by.  We learned about coop designs and predator proofing.  We toured both “coops”.  We wandered through her vegetable garden, met her two Nigerian goats and even her koi fish, Beast.  After about an hour and a half of a walking tour and lecture, we retreated to her lovely screened porch for iced tea and cookies.  Here, Terry discussed Breed Selection and Health Issues.  As we wrapped up our lovely afternoon, she even signed purchased copies of her adorable book, Tillie Lays an Egg, for her fans.

Learning to look for chicken lice

I had a terrific time.  It was wonderful to connect with someone so dedicated to backyard chicken keeping.  She is a wealth of knowledge and I loved that we could finally meet in person.  I have only been keeping backyard chickens for about a year and a half.  Today, I was proud to know that I was doing everything right so far.  My flock is still young and I expect there will be many more ups and downs. It was wonderful to reach out today and meet one of my chicken mentors in person.  I am glad to know that I have a person to turn to for advice and support in the future.  I highly recommend Terry’s workshop for everyone that keeps backyard chickens.  Whether, you are thinking about keeping chickens or have been keeping them for years,  everyone can learn something from her personal experiences. Thank you Terry for sharing your home, flocks, farm and delicious goodies with us. 

Later this week, I will feature Terry’s chickens and coop in another post.  In the meantime, please visit Terry’s website, to see her wonderful animals and read her fascinating adventures.

Photo Credits:  Tilly’s Nest 

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