Change Can Be Good

July 29, 2011

It was a very strange morning today. It started off with Tilly and Oyster Cracker simultaneously exiting the coop and getting stuck in the doorway. Typically, the girls exit the coop in the same order. One by one they fly, hop and leap into the run to enjoy the morning’s scratch. However, not today. Wedged in the doorway, were the two girls. At first, I was amazed, then perplexed, then worried. I stood there in shock watching as the two wiggled their way free. It took about a minute and both were unharmed. That was a new one for me.

I went on with my usual duties. As I began to fill and clean the feeders and waterers I suddenly had a visitor. Quietly and softly, I looked up to discover a cute, curious ball of fluff. It was Dolly. Delicately, she peered out of the coop. She wanted to come out. I gently scooped her up and placed her in the grass. There she timidly enjoyed the fresh tender blades of grass as I finished up the chores.  I am always amazed by her grace.

When I had finished, I scooped her up and gave her plenty of love. She sat in my lap, content. After spending a few stolen moments together, I returned her to her feathered family. It had been a while since she needed my love. Usually, I have to love them in a certain order but today Dolly outsmarted the others. She came in private and I returned her in private. Unlike other times, when she returned no one pecked her. They just ignored her as she quietly joined the rest in the run.

Despite their behavior being relatively predictable on a daily basis, they certainly change up their routine from time to time. Sometimes, change is good I suppose, except when you get stuck in a chicken coop door.


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  1. Sophie, Dolly is our Silkie seen under Tilly on the right side of the page. She is Fifi's mother. She hatched 7 little chicks this past Spring. Fifi was one of them. She is my sweetest most sensitive hen.


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