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July 25, 2011

Cooler weather is upon us now and that terrible heatwave has, I imagine, drifted out over the Atlantic.  The girls are much happier.  I am too, their eggs have started to return.  This morning I let the girls out,  all of them flew the coop, including broody Feathers.  I have not discovered morning eggs in a long time, so you can imagine my surprise when I lifted up the nesting box and found this.

A beautiful little Silkie egg was laid in the nesting box on the right.  I was shocked.  I have grown accustomed to not expect any eggs from the Silkies.  Their tendency to go broody is really quite amazing.  It was a real treat to see this little gem sitting there upon the pine shavings.  Amazingly though, I cannot be sure who laid it.  It is smaller than the eggs that the Silkies typically lay.  Maybe it is small because the eggs laid immediately after a hen is broody are smaller.  Or could it be that Fifi has laid her first egg?  I cannot be sure.  This egg was most likely laid in the wee hours of the morning.
No sooner had I opened the nesting box, when Oyster Cracker and Sunshine arrived on the scene.  I quickly retrieved the egg, as Sunshine is extremely possessive of these found eggs!  They always love to poke their head out of the nesting boxes and see the world from different angles.  Here they are, content to stick their heads out of the nesting box, like a dog would hang out of a car window.


I wonder what they are thinking.  I wonder what they are “taking in”.  Perhaps the view is better from the nesting boxes.  I guess I will never know, but if this bit of indulgence that I allow them for 5 minutes or so keeps them laying their eggs, then I am happy to prop open the nesting box door for their viewing pleasure!  I do have to giggle with them, they make my heart smile.
Photo Credits: Tilly’s Nest


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8 thoughts on “Box with a View”

  1. What a great photo of Oyster Cracker and Sunshine peeking out of the nest boxes. BO's are so funny. My DH and I were out on the patio yesterday afternoon and let the girls out to free range. All of the sudden, they all came up begging for treats. My BO jumped up to DH's lap, walked up to his shoulder, looked around and then started pecking at his head like a wood pecker. She's never done that. I have no idea what her deal was. Silly Girl!

  2. Thanks MaryAnn!

    Flock Mistress, the BOs are so funny those ways. They are very curious and I think alot of times, for my girls at least, their brains tell them to peck first ask questions later!

  3. Could not agree with you more Sadie! What breeds do you have?

    Deb, aren't they just two hams for the camera! Are your girls still laying in the heat or did you see a decrease?


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