Backyard Chicken Fairy Garden

July 28, 2011
Today,after scouring thrift stores and searching for unique items, the kids and I created our very own backyard chicken fairy garden.  We took a walk through the woods and gathered moss, bark and twigs.  We also had some smooth stones from a recent trip to Sandy Neck Beach.  All of our found items would be incorporated into the garden.  As we live in New England, we decided to create our fairy garden in a large terracotta saucer.  This way, in the Winter, it is portable and we can bring the little house into the garage.  We spent all afternoon creating this magical place.


My favorite feature is the rooster wire sculpture.  I had to have a chicken in there somewhere, given that our real chickens are such a part of the landscape.


We found an old double boiler at a local thrift shop.  We turned it on it’s side and adhered the lid to the front to serve as a covered porch.  It is propped up with two twigs.  A miniature metal colander serves as a bed for the home’s future resident.  The carpet is moss and the bedding is made with a Black Eyed Susan mattress and a Shasta Daisy pillow.
Created from bark, a separate dining area has been made with hardwood floors, a table covered with a leaf tablecloth and two fairy sized handmade miniature wooden chairs.


Keeping with the backyard chicken theme, hens and chicks and other various plants form the garden.  It is complete with a set of miniature tools.


The watering can, hangs from the porch.


A small empty oyster shell is filled with a miniature leaf and a lobelia bloom.  With a little water, this makes a perfect place for a bath.

The entire fairy house is enclosed with the sweetest wire looped fencing, keeping their home safe.  We have placed the fairy home up upon the rock wall.  Hopefully, our chickens will not notice this sweet little place.  I can only imagine Oyster Cracker discovering the fairy garden for herself.  We might never be able to keep a fairy if she does. A curious Godzilla sized chicken could definitely effect the occupancy.


Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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18 thoughts on “Backyard Chicken Fairy Garden”

  1. How truly beautiful!! We are huge fairy fans here and have crafted many a fairy garden…the last of which was partly destroyed by that torrential rain we had recently.

  2. Thank you Debra and Jennifer! We had a blast making it. I'm glad I took the photos, incase we have to recreate it. You never know what types of natural disasters can happen outdoors in a yard full of weather and chickens!

  3. Melissa, this is amazing! I absolutely love it… and I believe in fairies. 🙂 My sweet Mom and I used to make fairy furniture when I was a kid, from twigs, etc. and other things from the backyard. I remember making a little table once and using empty acorn tops as bowls. Such a cherished memory. xo Helena


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