Babies on the Brain

July 13, 2011

The Silkies have had varying degrees of broodiness over the past month and a half.  It all started with Autumn.  Then Dolly, loving to be broody, decided to be broody yet again.  She has been broody at least 5 times since December.   Then add to the mix, Feathers who has been broody off and on over the past couple of days.  Lately, the nesting boxes have had zero vacancy.  However, I never expected today.  While harvesting the eggs, all of the Silkies were outside and Oyster Cracker was inside sitting on two eggs.


I am not sure if she is broody, but she certainly acted the part.  She pecked and growled at me as I checked underneath of her. As a knee jerk reaction, I pulled my hand back and then she very roughly, twisted her beak to her underside and pushed the eggs back underneath.  She still needed practice with the eggs.  To me, she was a little scary and intimidating.  Now I know why all of the Silkies were outside.

I went back to the house and retrieved some goodies.  Then, I scattered fresh veggies in the run and put a large chunk of ice in their waterer.  I returned to the coop, bravely lifted Oyster Cracker off of the nesting box and retrieved the two warm eggs.  She immediately went outside and was fascinated by a chunk of found cucumber that I threw in the run.  Is it possible for broody spells to be broken by cool cucumbers?


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6 thoughts on “Babies on the Brain”

  1. LOL I was about to say the exact same thing as Helena. Throw chocolate (or in desperate times.. his wallet).. and run the opposite direction.

  2. It is kinda like those big parties or family reunions.. where you see the adorable baby.. and you think "maybe.. maybe we should have another.." The spell only broken by a complete toddler meltdown, chocolate covered strawberries, or the memory of not being able to find your ankles while pregnant.

    Hang in there Oyster Cracker…

    lol I am not a shopper.. the wallet tossing however is a trait he learned from his Dad!

    Long Grove Confectionery… chocolate covered strawberries.. *swoon*

  3. Oh Anne! Isn't that the truth! Life is just getting easier with the kids now being 7 and 4. Normalcy is just returning and those maternal instincts are tugging at my heart for another despite being 100% positive that we are all done. Perhaps, adding chickens to the flock would be a healthy substitute! Keep your comments coming! Love them 😉


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