Sleeping Arrangements

June 1, 2011

I have been curious as to where the girls are sleeping at night.  Yes, I know they are all in the coop, but how do they arrange themselves.  Do they spread out amongst the two roosts?  Are the mini-chickens still sleeping in the nesting boxes with their Moms?  Do they have a specific order or any routines now?

Last night, I took advantage at dusk. I had returned from working in the school yard garden. Dirty and tired, I collapse and sat in front of the run.  I noticed that Autumn, Fifi and Dottie Speckles were still in the run.  This did not surprise me as they are the lowest in the pecking order.  No sooner had I sat down, when Autumn went into the coop.  She was met with a few low clucks and then everything inside the coop went quiet.  Outside, Dottie and Fifi were still trying to figure out if the big girls would let them in.  They both nervously hopped up, over and under the coop ramp; speaking to each other in mini-chicken peeps as they did so.  As the minutes passed, darkness soon began to consume the little remaining daylight.  Finally, Fifi scooted in and Dottie followed immediately.  They were met with a few loud thumps and squawking.  What the heck was going on in there?

I waited a few moments, then closed the coop door.  I retrieved the waterer and emptied it of the remaining water.  The coop went quiet.  Then I stole a glance through the nesting boxes.  I was met with tiny elongated stretching necks coming from the right nesting box.  It was Feathers and Dottie.  They were both in the box.  I stroked their little heads as if to let them know they were safe.  Then I peered at the roosts.

The roosts are about 3 feet long.  In the coop, I have two, totalling 6 feet.  However, the favorite roost is the one closest to the front windows.  On that roost, in this order was Oyster Cracker, Tilly, Sunshine was on the floor in front of them, Dolly then Autumn.  I closed the nesting box.  Knowing that Sunshine usually moves to the roost, I was curious to see where she slept. 

I returned about 10 minutes later.  I could no longer see Sunshine’s body pressed up against the window.  I peeked in again.  Everyone had decided to cram their 8 bodies onto one 3 foot roost!  Sunshine,Oyster Cracker, Tilly, Dolly, Autumn, Feathers, Fifi and Dottie Speckles were all there and in that order!  It was truly an amazing feat.  They were all snuggling, happy and sleeping.  I left with a happy fuzzy warm feeling and returned to the house.  I guess I won’t complain so much when the kids want to come into our bed in the morning for a snuggle.  The chickens have inspired me to “make room”.


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8 thoughts on “Sleeping Arrangements”

  1. Sweetie are you all right? I pray you and your family and of course the girls are okay!!We will keep you in our prayers till I hear from you.

    Hugs from Tx..Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

  2. Cindy, we are all fine. The two tornados passed west of us. We only had lightning and winds. My heart goes out to those who were not as fortunate. Thank you soooooo much for keeping my families, feathered and human, in your prayers.

  3. This makes me want to take a peek into the coop, too! When I shut the door on them in the evening, they are all huddled in the corner, not on the roost. But after dark, I wonder what goes on in there 🙂


  4. It's funny how already I've noticed they do have their sleeping habits. The three big girls have their favorite positions (Selena on the left, midnight in the middle and Dandeloin to the right) and they don't like it to be rearranged. One night while the girls where still in the room off our bedroom we could hear a raucous going on. When I went in to investigate I found midnight on the outside beside dandelion and she was trying everything she could to get past her on the roost to the middle-no luck. She jumped down tried to jump between the other two but there was no space, then, up she went again on the other side of selena. She was trying to go over her, under her. Nothing worked! It was quite comical to watch. Eventually for the sake of my sleep I picked up dandelion and plopped midnight in the middle of the other two. All was peaceful and they were still there when I went in to check on them in the morning:)

  5. Hi Debra, where they sleep and who they sleep next to should give you a clue as to their pecking order. How interesting. Just like the true Mom that you are, you intervened! I sometimes have to do the same thing! I can't wait to hear more about your girls.


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