Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Silkie Eggs Return

Six of our girls should be laying eggs.   The  three Silkie girls were broody for so long, that I thought I would never savor one of their creations again. FINALLY, I can tell you that all six are once again making beautiful eggs.  The front three eggs in the picture are Silkie eggs.  Dolly’s egg is the white one in the middle.  Feather’s egg is on the right front and Autumn’s egg is in the front bottom left.  The two in the back are from Oyster Cracker and Sunshine.  Even though they are about half the size of regular eggs, Silkie eggs are very popular.

My children love the novelty of the miniature eggs and so do our friends who purchase our eggs.  Our friends even claim they taste sweeter than your traditional eggs.  I am glad to see that they don’t mind half-size eggs in the cartons that they receive.

My girls were broody during Easter and were not laying.  The kids were so upset that they never got to dye Silkie eggs this year.  Well, we might just have to do that this weekend.  Thank goodness for after Easter sales.  You never know when you might just feel like dying some eggs.

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