Making Friends Over Chickens

June 5, 2011
My new chicken friend, Boris’ s rooster

We had a nice restful weekend visiting relatives and celebrating the newest married couple in my husband’s family.   Sixty five of their closest friends and relatives came and celebrated. For my husband’s family, these are like great big reunions.  They look forward to these times and do lots of catching up.  For me, not knowing too many of these people intimately, I usually try to help out behind the scenes. I help cook in the kitchen.  I tidy up used plates and cups, assist setting up for the next course of food and make myself useful where needed.  When I am not doing those things, I enjoy mostly people watching.  I love seeing how happy they are to get caught up.  I enjoy seeing the little kids run around playing in the woods with new found friends, found sticks; creating new adventures. However this time, things were different.  I met people with backyard chickens.

Yesterday, word spread fast about our backyard chicken family.  In no time, I was connected with different friends of theirs raising backyard chickens.  Instead of predominantly helping behind the scenes, I was getting lost among new friends talking about our chickens.  It was fun to compare chicken stories.  I loved hearing about favorite chickens.  I enjoyed hearing about local challenges such as dealing with bears!  Yikes, I was glad to know bears have yet to cross the canal to Cape Cod.  It was also neat hearing about how their girls free-ranged and even journeyed into the house.  Interestingly, when in the house, the chickens knew which boundaries could not be crossed. My favorite though was hearing about feeding spaghetti to chickens.  They likened it to Lady and and Tramp!  I can only imagine two chicken eating the same piece of spaghetti only to meet in the middle!
Yesterday, I made new friends over chickens.  I can’t wait until the next time they have a family party.  As my husband looks forward to seeing his extended family members, I will look forward to seeing my new chicken friends and hearing new stories about their adventures.
Boris’s new rooster does not crow.  Here he shares a video of him talking to his rooster.  Isn’t technology amazing?!
Photo and Video Credit:  GLC


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