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June 7, 2011



Summer is almost upon us.  My daughter and I today took a trip to the local garden center to purchase more herbs for our herb garden and our chickens.  This year, we have decided to place the herb garden in the mulched beds around and near the chicken coop. We thought it was great idea to plant an herb garden for the chickens.

Chickens if left to their own devices can make a mess out of your gardens and perennials when they are free ranging.  Along with eating weeds, they will eat your prized plants too.  So, I thought to myself, why not relocate the herb garden near the chicken coop where, I will not mind if they munch on the plants.
When I cook with fresh herbs, I love to wander outside and snip them fresh from the plant.  I love having perennial gardens.  Typically, I interlace my herbs into those beds and amongst the vegetable garden.  Scattered amongst the perennials, the herbs create texture and interesting foliage.
With the help of searching the internet and my blogger friends, I was able to expand this year’s selection for the chickens.  Near the chickens’ coop, the chicken herb garden will include basil, parsley, fennel, thyme, cilantro, nasturtium, rosemary, lavender and marjoram.  I am still hunting for a few others.
 If you do not have room in your yard or are short on time, you can still create an herb garden for you and your feathered family members.  It is easy to create a container garden with fresh herbs.  Sometimes, you can even find them premade at your local garden center.  That way, your container garden is mobile.  You can move it from the deck to the kitchen in one swoop.  Take it with you to a friend’s house if you are cooking together for a party.  You can even place it into your chickens’ run for a short period of time and let them enjoy! The great thing about herbs is that they will continue to grow back this entire summer season.
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14 thoughts on “Fresh Herb Garden for Chickens”

  1. Just found your blog on Farmgirl Fri. Love your blog. I, too, am a chicken lover! And I love reading other blogs about chicken mothers. I am now following your blog. Thanks for sharing. 8>)

  2. i have found the girls LOVE cilantro and marigolds. My 2 year old planted me a marigold for mothers day and my chickens got loose and ate all the leaves off. nothing left but the stems :0)

  3. i too am going to plant an herb garden for my ladies this year. i love perrenials, so any perrenial you can suggest are greatly appreciated. thanks for your help:)

  4. My chickens do not eat my Lavender, Rosemary or Fennel… so far… they have been around them and just ignore those three…. when I medicate the water for my chickens, they stop drinking it and start eating my Aloe Vera instead!! (I planted Fennel this year to attract butterflies, the Rosemary and Lavender I have had as long as I have had chickens… and my chickens free range.) So, at least for me, those three are not something my chickens like or eat, I guess. I will have to try some of the others. Thank you.

    • What you are describing is completely normal. All flocks have different tastes and favorites. What one flock may devour, another flock may turn up their noses. This is not uncommon. Just keep trying new chicken safe plantings, just like kids, they know what they like and what they don't like.

  5. My girls like my petunias. I’m constantly chasing them away from my front porch. Lol. So this year I’m going to plant trailing petunias n hanging pot away from the house!


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