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June 15, 2011

I love seeing other ways people set up their backyard chickens.  I am always amazed at peoples’ ingenuity and skill.  I especially love to see how chicken coops vary depending on their locations around the country.  Considerations are taken for many variations in climate and weather including rain, cold, heat and wind.

This chicken house is can be found at Kippenhouse.  Not only are the colors fantastic, but it cleverly features a garden roof.  With this coop, you never have to worry about losing precious gardening space with your coop.

This Modern Coop, is made from recycled materials and a fiberglass and metal roof.  It can be relocated around the yard as desired serving as a chicken tractor.

This coop was part of Portland, Oregon’s Tour de Coop and was shared on Alana Risse’s website.


This coop was featured on Vintage Garden Gal’s website and can be found in the LMR Rutherford Gardens in Napa Valley California.


This gorgeous stonehouse  coop with succulent roof houses duck, but I could not resist sharing.


This chicken coop is the home to four buff Orpington’s in the rear of a home decorating store in Santa Barbara.  You can read more about it here.

When seeing other chickens coops, I often discover new ideas, techniques and way to keep the flock happy.  To me, it is important that the chicken coop and run blend in with the garden surroundings;  seeming to have been there for years.

Photo Credits: debraprinzing, vintage garden gal, modern coop, kippenhouse, imaginary garden, Alana Risse


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