A Deadline

My daughter holding Feathers

Last month, I was asked by a new publication on Cape Cod to write a column about chickens.  My deadline was today and I was also asked to take some photographs for the publication as well.  Yesterday and today, I got some great shots of my girls and MaryAnn’s for the magazine.

Oyster Cracker and Feathers

 I was completely thrilled and felt very complimented that the editor not only enjoys my website but thinks my writing is worthy of a print publication!  Between you and me, other than this blog, I haven’t written much since those days of college papers and essays.

Miss Tilly

The girls were very cooperative today.  They must have known that I had a deadline, or was it that they were hot from our 90 degree F weather today.  I just love how the sun dances off of their feathers.  You would never know that there was a downpour and a thunderstorm early this morning. 

Oyster Cracker admiring her freshly laid egg

 Instead of retreating to the coop in the rain, the girls stayed outside and enjoyed it!  No matter how heavy the rain or how high the loud thunder made them simultaneously jump, they were not going in.  They were taking chicken showers.

Taking a breath after a refreshing drink

 After the rain, they looked like drowned rats!  They were muddy from taking dustbaths in the moist soil.  To be honest, I was a little nervous that they would look like the dirtiest flock in the world in my photos. However, they always seem to surprise me.  When I came out this afternoon you would never have known what the morning was like.  The best part, is that I know they were really happy.  They laid six eggs today.

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