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Are You Smarter Than a Chicken?

Meeting of the minds

Do you know when to stop eating?  No matter the feed or treats available to chickens, they will stop eating when they are full.  They will not over eat no matter how delicious their food.  Sad enough, I can’t say that when it comes to dessert!

Do you know when you should go to bed?  I admit that I am guilty of staying up too late sometimes to finish that project I have been working on after the kids go to bed.  The next day, I pay for it.  On the other hand, no one needs to tell the chickens when to go to bed.

Do you eat the right things?  Did you know that chickens will avoid foods that are dangerous to them?  For example, if the chickens are loose in your garden, they will eat the green and ripened red tomatoes but avoid the plant’s poisonous leaves.  Smart girls!

Do you practice good hygiene?  It seems that the chickens are always grooming and preening themselves, not to mention taking nice dustbaths.

Do you look out for others?  With the flock mentality, they always seem to stick together.

Chickens seem to know an awful lot despite being called a “dumb” bird.  In many ways, in my opinion, they are much smarter than their human owners.  How smart are your chickens?  What have you noticed with your flock?

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest

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