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Sound the Alarm

This morning I heard the girls yelling out their alert call.  After a few minutes I decided to investigate.  I peered out the window to discover a male turkey paying a visit to the girls!  Oyster Cracker was standing on the log in the run.  All the girls were yelling!  What a sight!  I snapped some pictures through the front door.

Standing closely to the girls, admiring their beauty


50 feet between them

I am not sure if he heard the girls, realizing that Chocolate was gone, and decided to investigate.  Maybe he was looking for love and trying to start a new flock of his own…..I wonder if he will return?

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  • Don;t you hope he comes back and displays for them!
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline

  • Yes…but we recently had a wild turkey the town over keep attacking a US Mail truck. Finally, they caught him and re-released him. Frankly, I'm a little nervous of him,especially since it is mating season right now!