So Broody Together

May 1, 2011

Dolly is broody again.

I cannot believe it.  This is her third time since Christmas.  I guess she will be just one of those hens that I have read about.  Often farmers will cull hens that go broody more than once during the year.  I’m glad that Dolly is with me.  Yesterday and the day before, I found her and  Feathers in the same nesting box together.  They are my fluffiest Silkies and they were adorable together.  They were both facing in the same direction.  I was so happy to see these two friends together. 

In the meantime, Autumn’s broodiness has broken and Meesha is still in under the broody spell.  I have made sure that all the broody girls have plenty of water and food close by.  My friend told me just this week that she has seen broody hens die because they were too far away from food and water.  Her comment made me realize just how dedicated these broody hens can be. 

Have you ever had a hen that seemed to always be broody?


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