Mr. Sunshine Returns

May 25, 2011
Well Tilly, I think we found a patch of sun

The sun is finally shining once again.  I bet the girls never thought that they would ever see it again.  The were out free ranging and enjoying the sunshine.  The grass is finally greening up and the woods are filling in again with leaves.

Dragging a branch!

The girls are so silly.  Tilly dragged this branch around like a prize for a while.  I have found them eating the seed pods of the oak trees.  I am a bit concerned as I think it does not make them feel good.  Oyster Cracker has especially been eating them.  Her comb and wattle seems pale throughout the day.  However, her spunk, attitude and egg laying remain the same.


The coop and run are beginning to shape up too.  The pathways are mulched and the grass is returning.  Everyone is happy the sun is out today.  I plan to put in a chicken herb garden in the flower beds around the coop.  I think the girls are going to love it!  What are your plans for your coop this Spring?

Photo Credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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6 thoughts on “Mr. Sunshine Returns”

  1. An herb garden for the girls would be great! Under appreciated plants I think.. especially considering their nutrient content. We've been adding wood sorrel and chickweed to our salads.

    We had a pair of cockatiels for 2 decades and they just looooved chickweed. The girl down the road who we gave them to still has them.. and that is still their favorite treat right after millet.

  2. I know she has a thing for Mr. Sunshine Qing! Unfortunately he lives up in the sky! He does however like to flirt with the girls and peek at them from behind the clouds!


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