Moving On Up!

May 17, 2011

Truthfully, I have not had much time with my girls since the rain started last week.  We have had days on end of rain, which has made even the chickens a little frustrated.  Thank goodness I covered their run with plastic.  Today, however, I did have a moment to say good morning as the sky decided to give us a brief break.

As I was refilling the feeders and the waterers, I stopped to admire what lovely mini-chickens our 7 week old Silver Laced Wyandotte, Dottie Speckles, and our new 10 week old Black/Lavender Silkie Bantam, Fifi are becoming.  Then I saw it.  Dottie Speckles is now jockeying for her position in the pecking order.

I had seen her do this earlier and I feel she will be a very dominant bird in the flock.  Today, she was challenging her own surrogate mother, Dolly.  Dolly is the head of the Silkies. Sparring back and forth, I watched as Dolly puffed up her chest and then danced for a brief minute with Dolly.  Eventually, she did step down and Dolly gave her a gentle pecking reminder on the back of the neck.  After all, she is only 7 weeks!  However, I would not be surprised, that as she grows, she will one day challenge Tilly.

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