Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Happy Chickens

Three fluffy bottoms

Finally, a day with sunshine.  The girls were just dying to get out and into the mulch and the woodland garden near their coop.  So, out the three big girls came.  The Silkies were content to remain inside of the run, so with camera in tow, we had some fun exploring.

Discoveries in the garden

You can always tell when a chicken is enjoying herself, when you see her fluffy bottom pointed straight up in the air.  You know that she is busy scratching and discovering wonderful bugs!

They make me laugh as they talk to each other.  It is truly one big party when they free-range.  They mix up their vantage points but are alway careful not to dig where a friend has just been.  They are smart that way.  They know when to move on.  They know when there are better things in better areas.  They love to scavenge and I love to feel their full crops in my hand when I pick them up and nuzzle into their feathers.
Oyster Cracker in scratching action

Unfortunately, they cannot free range at free will.  There are too many predators in the conservation property right next door.  So, to keep them safe from coyotes, foxes, hawks and the like, they are babysat when they free range.  It never seems to be enough time for them.  Today, I think they were just happy to be out and about, enjoying the sunshine and being spoiled chickens.

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