Gardens and Supermodels

May 18, 2011


My poor girls, they are so sick of the rain!  I do have to say I am too!  We have had almost 7 straight days now and I just had to get outside.  So, with dinner cooking and camera in tow, I went to take some photos of the beauty after the rain.  Can I just say that Sunshine LOVES the camera?  Well, she does and loves to pose.  She is so curious and somehow in that little chicken brain of hers, she must know that she was destined to be a chicken model.


Mom, whatcha doin?


Oh, you have your camera with you!


Do you mind if I pose for you?


Oyster Cracker in all her beauty. Her beak is healing too!

I always find the garden during Spring incredibly beautiful after the rain.  Everything is green and beginning to emerge from the ground.  Here are some of the beautiful things that I discovered today.



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2 thoughts on “Gardens and Supermodels”

  1. What pretty little models you have 🙂 And beautiful things growing in your yard. We've gotten a lot of rain the past few days too – and more coming. But everything is so green and vibrant this year! And our little bees are taking advantage of every ray of sunshine. It's really a beautiful spring.


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