Chicken T.V.

May 28, 2011

Sometimes I find myself outside next to the coop or watching the girls free-range.  Often, I lose track of time, sitting there, just watching.  Frankly, watching chickens is like watching a good t.v. show and I find it not only incredibly therapeutic but relaxing!

Chicken t.v. is always different.  You never know what will happen and each time you tune in, you learn something new about your flock.  Plus, we have all sorts of genres occurring out there!  When Chocolate was still with us, it was like watching a romantic comedy.  He was a big flirt.  He would lure the girls over with treats.  Some of the girls adored him, and others, like Oyster Cracker, never fell for his charms.  Instead, she often treated his advances like one would treat a bad date.

We have westernlike showdowns too.  Lately, these showdowns have been occuring more frequently as the mini-chickens are finding their place in the pecking order.  First, they meet head on.  Then, they move their heads side to side.  If no one steps down, then they elongate their necks and stand as tall as they can.  Finally, someone gives, the other receives a peck and life continues on like nothing ever happened.

We also have game shows too.  These are the funniest times when the girls are playing with their treat ball.  The wire ball is filled with goodies like a halved apple, a head of broccoli, or a large juicy tomato.  The girls take turns wacking it like a pinata.  It swings wildly and sometimes spins.  It is a game to the girls.  It keeps them occupied and gives them tasty rewards.  This is one of my favorite things to watch.

We also have dramas.  Sometimes, they are like a good medical show.  If you saw yesterday’s post Sunshine had an injury that we had to tend to.  Sometimes they are like a mystery, like when Dolly fooled the girls with her disappearing act!  Sometimes, they are even sad, like day we rehomed Chocolate and Meesha. Some days are filled with drama, complete soap operas.

Finally, we have an occasional Broadway musical, mostly from Tilly.  The girls will sing their little hearts out.  Some are altos and some are sopranos.  Some sing lead and others back-up.  I think that Tilly does most of the singing, especially when new treats come or she is laying an egg, or she wants to free range.

I love chicken t.v.!


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8 thoughts on “Chicken T.V.”

  1. Now that I have my new chickens, I can say that I know what you mean–chicken t.v. is so entertaining! The latest, here, is that Sophie the Silkie wanted to walk up the ramp to the coop, but another hen was in the way. She stuck her head under the other's back end and tried to go under her! Then the other one fell of the ramp–no damage, though 🙂

    They're always good for a chuckle!

  2. Oh my goodness My Backyard Farmyard! So funny, last night Dottie Speckles and Autumn were the last two in. Autumn ducked under Dottie and pushed her way through! Then right after Dottie went in. All I could think to myself was, boy what a pecking order!


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