All Grown Up

May 5, 2011
Eight weeks old

Tomorrow the Silkie Chicks will be 8 weeks old and Dottie Speckles will be 5 weeks old.  The Silkies are looking all grown up and have just about completed their awkward teenage stage.  I am planning on moving them all outside over the next couple of days.  I utilized the extra coop that I had as a brooder, so transitioning that coop outside should be relatively smooth.

Today, I took out one of the female Silkie chicks to walk on the grass and have her meet the larger flock.  She looks so tiny compared to the rest of them.  Tilly, Oyster Cracker and Chocolate were the first to meet her.  Chocolate stood watch observing while Tilly and Oyster Cracker pecked the poor little thing on the neck.  Then they just stared at the little girl.  I scooped her up soon realizing that she was going to need to be bigger to defend herself against these girls.  I will probably have to wait until they are about 20 weeks old or the same size as the other Silkie hens to be sure they are integrated safely with the large flock.

Stretching to meet an ant

We have decided on keeping one female.  My friend sells Silkies in the next town over and offered to sell the Silkies for me.  I was very pleased when she told me this.  Somehow, knowing that the little Silkie chicks will go to a good home will make the transition and parting with them so much easier.


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  1. Aww. So cute. I have heard that you should sneak them in with the older hens at night so when they wake up in the morning they just accept them. I do not think it always works though.


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