You Know You Love Chickens…

April 28, 2011
Miss Tilly

When you dream about them at night.

When they all have names.

When you feed them special treats.

When you give them baths.

When you take them to a vet.

When you watch them more than the TV.

When you hug and kiss them.

When you tuck them in at night.

When you babysit them from hawks while they free-range.

When you add items just for the chickens to your grocery list.

When they can brighten the worst possible day.

When you find yourself constantly reading about them.

When you are always thinking of expanding your coop and run.

When your children call you a chicken grandma!


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11 thoughts on “You Know You Love Chickens…”

  1. when you count down to when you are getting your chicks

    when you stare at pictures of them on the internet

    when you look them up on wikipedia

    when everyone you know thinks you are a bird maniac

  2. Hi Melissa

    Well so far I sing to my chicks I'm sure over time some of the others will follow. Right now we are dreaming coop plans. Since I've never been in or even seen a backyard chicken coop I was wondering, if it would be possible for me to come and to coin your own phrase take a "tour de coop" so I can see what works. Please feel free of course to say no- having a stranger imposing on you is not always welcomed I know. Anyway I'm off to pick up our other three chicks.
    PS is is crude of me to ask….funny as that's the verification word I have to type:0


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