April 7, 2011

Believe it or not, Meesha and Autumn are still broody.  Many a day now, I go into the nesting boxes and find them sitting together.  I am not sure if they will ever snap out of it!  I guess there is nothing like having a good friend to get you through these times.  I am sure they sit together in the box and discuss their dreams and aspirations.

This morning, I needed to clean out their favorite nesting box.  Over the course of the week, it has become very matted and littered with spare feathers and dirt.  The good news was that everyone was out in the run this morning enjoying scratch.  As I returned to the coop with my bucket and gloves, in came Meesha.  I placed the wooden piece that runs across the bottom of the nesting boxes up in the air at an angle across the boxes to keep the chickens out.  Meesha was not happy.  Quickly she stormed out of the coop.  She immediately returned with Autumn to evaluate the situation.  Timidly they inspected my work. I heard them talking.  They must have concluded,  “This doesn’t look good.”  They left.

I continued to clean the box.  Suddenly, as I looked up, Meesha and Autumn returned with Chocolate, our rooster.  He immediately, unafraid, came closer to investigate.  He had a fury in his eyes.  Who was keeping his broody girls from entering their boxes?  Luckily, I had the wooden piece barricading him out of the boxes.  Otherwise, I would have been his next victim.  Finally, I was done.  I waited until the girls and Chocolate exited.  I returned the wooden piece and latched the nesting boxes closed.

I’m curious what the girls said to Chocolate in the run.  Whatever they did say, it was enough to make him protect his girls, investigate and “take care” of the nesting box invader. I’m sure they are not happy that I took away their old nest.  One thing is for sure. Chocolate is a great rooster and does his job well.  If only I could talk to him about convincing his Silkie girls to end their broody insanity and lay some tiny eggs for Easter.


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2 thoughts on “Tattletales”

  1. Sounds like your ladies are in for the count. Hopefully they will decide to give up soon. As for Chocolate, what a good husband/father. I'm like you, I would love to know what they said to him. If he's anything like my husband he goes by the old saying, 'happy wife, happy life.' and they weren't going to be happy until their fluffy little bottoms were back in that nest-box.
    the wanna be country girl – Caroline


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