A Matter of Size

April 14, 2011
She is the tiny little head toward the top right.

Dottie Speckles is growing up fast.  While the others are almost 4 weeks old and appear to be in their awkward teenage stage, Dottie is 4 days old.  Yet, she thinks she is one of the big kids!  I often find her shouldering her way in between the others that are taking a drink and eating.  She also loves to stand in the middle of their morning scratch treat.  She is not afraid of the scratch frenzy that occurs!  She enjoys preening and scratching amongst the floor shavings.  I think that she has even begun to pick-up the others’ bad habits!  Dottie loves to be the center of attention.  I think that Tilly is going to meet her match when I introduce Dottie to the rest of the flock.

Dolly decided this morning that she wanted to be with her big family.  I returned her early to the run this morning.  She is having a great time.  Later, I will see if she wants to return to her chicks.  It’s up to her today.  In the meantime, I would not be surprised if Dottie is running the entire show next week.


Here she is next to one possible rooster

Photo credits:  Tilly’s Nest


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6 thoughts on “A Matter of Size”

  1. Lauren, she is one hot ticket! Tonight she was in the middle of them all sleeping. She was using one of the older ones for a pillow! Too funny!
    Faith, she is going to be one amazing little hen!

  2. We have a little speckles… our hen was sitting on two eggs, when my neighbor told me to get two out of the fridge, warm them up and put them under her. Two chickens hatched and the other two didn't.. so I thought they were not fertile.. didn't know about 'candling' … I cracked one.. and oh so sad..so I put the other back. She is our little speckle baby. henpecked by her mother, pecked by her sister, but she too is growing up… and such a character.

    I love to read your stories of your babies.. for they are like babies to me.. We watch them at night on the porch… see them roam the old winter greens beds.. I am just chickencrazy.. thanks for a delightful blog.

  3. Thank you for the compliments Sunny. It will be neat to see how your little Speckles grows. I too love to watch their antics and I love it when my kids find watching them funny too! Their laughter makes it worth it.


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