Chickens Stories from Our Nest


Peering up at me while getting comfortable
My four year old daughter has had a blanket since she was one day old.  Her blanket is called Lovey.  Lovey comes everywhere with us.  Over the years, she has been loved, has stains that no longer wash out and she has a smell that only my daughter could love.  Somehow, that never quite goes away no matter how many washings!
Dottie Speckles was in the house yesterday and it did not take her long to discover Lovey.  In fact, she was very quick to settle down into the fleecy snuggles of Lovey.  Then, she fell asleep.
Fast Asleep
It was so sweet seeing Dottie sleep on something so loved. It was even sweeter to see my daughter share something that she loves so very much with our baby chick.  Somehow, Lovey just makes everything better, even for Dottie Speckles.

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  • Awwwww. Dottie Speckles looks so happy snuggled up with Lovey. I bet it made your daughter smile too. What a sweet post.

  • It was such a sweet moment. I only wish I had the regular camera vs. my IPHONE. I didn't want to ruin a nap for her. I love seeing these innocent moments 🙂