Book Review: The Joy of Keeping Chickens

April 5, 2011

Rating *****
The pictures in the book alone will make you want to keep chickens.  I picked this one up after it grabbed my attention on a rainy day at the bookstore.  This wonderful book by Jennifer Megyesi/photography by Geoff Hansen truly appreciates and displays the beauty of backyard chickens. 

I have picked up a great many tips from this book including, using a flashlight and a paper towel roll for candling the eggs, an indepth look at predators, great coop designs and information on marketing eggs.   I LOVE the section about abnormal eggs and possible solutions for those issues.  It also has a fantastic reference section in the back.  Another thing I liked about this book is the very nice recipe section.  It covers both eggs and chickens and even covers canning.  This could easily be tied into your canning process during the summertime. Why not try pickling eggs?

This book makes a wonderful addition to your coffee table and is a fabulous find to share with friends who are thinking about getting chickens.  I have added it to my steadily growing library of chickens reads.


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  1. Thank you for the great review. I hate buying a book…and it's a joke.This one sounds like one I need to invest some money in.

    Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham


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