Being Different

April 4, 2011

The chicks are now an entire 2 weeks old!  I have forgotten how quickly they grow.  They are starting to develop their wing feathers, while little tufts of feathers emerge through the fluff on the back of their necks. They seem to love hopping and flapping their wings wherever they go!  Even their little necks are beginning to stretch out and the baby roosters are starting to challenge each other with western style stare downs.  A pecking order is developing amongst the chicks.

Today, I tried to get some photos but I must admit, they do not like to hold still.  Everyone was on the move…

We have new wing and neck feathers.


We love to find wonderful treats among the shavings.
Mom love to remind us to eat!

…that is except for Percy Peepers.

Percy Peepers and his handicapped foot

Most of the time, Percy Peepers is found underneath the comforts of Momma Dolly.  Percy is rarely seen eating with the others.  Most times, he waits until everyone else has had their fill and then hobbles over to the food dish when the dangers of being trampled are gone.  Everyone is so fast and hops so much, that I think Percy is afraid of getting hurt.  Percy is also about half the size of the other chicks but still growing and finding feathers in new places like the rest of them.

Percy is never picked on by the others.  I believe that he is accepted leg and all. Sometimes, I find him snuggled in front of the heat lamp with one of the other chicks.  Percy seems happy and is feisty when we try to hold him, which I see as a good sign.  Percy is enjoying being a chicken even if he is a handicapped one.  It is nice to see Percy hold his own in his family.  It is also nice to see the other’s accept someone who is different.

Photo credits:  Tilly’s Nest


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