Talking to Eggs

March 9, 2011

It’s only two more days until the hatch date of the baby chicks.  Today while Dolly was out in the large run, thoroughly enjoying herself, I investigated all of the eggs.  I picked each one up.  They are heavier.  They are toasty warm and I could not be happier.

I placed egg number one by my ear.  I gently tapped with my fingernail on the shell.  From inside the shell, I could hear the faintest of scratches against the inner shell.  I tapped on most of the eggs.  I got the same response.  I am filled with such giddiness and anticipation.   

On the other hand, I am quite sure that Dolly want to be done with broodiness.  After this experience, she knows her name quite well and she knows when I tell her that she needs to return to the “eggs”.  She is now coming over to me when I call her and allows me to pick her up.  However, with each moment she spends in the run, I can tell that she is happy to be home.  Today, I thought that she was not going to return to her eggs!

Finally, she came over and I picked her up.  Once reunited, she was so happy to see her eggs.  She quickly but ever so gently entered the nest.  She gracefully lowered herself upon the eggs and with her beak rolled any eggs not entirely covered, underneath her downy blanket.  Her chest is bare of feathers.  She keeps her eggs so very close.  When she is satisfied that all of the eggs are underneath of her, she gently rocks side to side, shifting the eggs underneath her body.  It should only be a couple of days now.  I’ve read that you will hear the eggs peeping about 24 hours before the hatch.  I hope Dolly can just hang in there for a couple more days.  Motherhood is right around the corner.  I am so proud of her dedication to her family.


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