Chickens Seasonal Care Stories from Our Nest

Spring Snow

Winter is not ready to leave.

It snowed.  As I went out to see the chickens this morning I discovered snow on the garden gate. Slowly it is beginning to melt and turn into tiny droplets and beads of water that trickle down to meet the thawing earth.

It dusted the garden pathways and the tiny signs of Spring  that I saw last week emerging from the ground; flower bulbs, sprigs of Lady’s Mantle and Catmint.

It snowed upon the bee skep cloche that has quietly been awaiting Spring’s return all Winter long.

It’s an inside kind of day for the flock.  A kind of day for them to do a little Spring cleaning.  They enjoy tidying up the nesting boxes, looking for undiscovered treats and just taking a nap upon the roosts.

Sometimes it’s nice to be inside and have something yummy to eat.  This morning I gave them warm water with vitamins, electrolytes and apple cider vinegar. They seem to enjoy it while eating breakfast.

It’s these kind of days, where you question whether you should just remain inside or venture out into the cold mix of rain and snow.  Tilly’s was wondering the the same thing as she peered out the door today.  I wonder what she decided to do?

Photo credits:  Tilly’s Nest

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