Oyster Cracker’s Favorite Things

March 31, 2011

Well it all started back with the pearl earring.  Oyster Cracker gave me a real scare.  Now, I am just realizing that she is a fancy girl that loves to investigate what I am wearing.  None of the other chickens can be bothered.  But for some strange reason, I feel like Oyster Cracker is always planning her next move with me. In fact, just the other day, she was at it again.

I was wearing another set of pearl earrings.  She came to visit me as I was collecting eggs in the afternoon.  She poked her head out of the open nesting boxes and the next thing I knew, she went for the pearl earring.

I quickly scolded her and she dropped her treasure into the center nesting box.  I retrieved my jewel from the sea and searched for the back.  I never did find it.  At least, if swallowed their was nothing sharp for any of the girls to harm themselves inadvertently.  I suspect if eaten, it probably would just come out in the end.

Oyster Cracker also loves the gold necklace that I wear everyday.  This one, I can understand.  It is shiny and does glisten in the rays of the sun.  I even catch it casting reflections in the run as I bend over to refill the waterers or rake things clean.  She first fooled me by playing coy and faking me into thinking that she was going to take a nice long drink of fresh water.  In reality, she was only after my necklace.

I am now realizing though it is not always just jewelry.  She is a gal that likes shiny things; like the snaps on my Winter and Spring coats.  Thank goodness that they are so strongly fastened to the fabric.  When she see my coats, she comes running.  She loves to peck continuously at the buttons.  Do you think she will ever realized that they belong to the coats that belong to me?

I also have worn two fish bangles from Eden on Cape Cod.  I was given one each when my children were born.  They clank about on my wrists.  I have never really taken them off except for the occasional cleaning.  They have great sentimental value to me.  I even find it more amazing that my second born is a Pisces and I wear two fish!

As I wear them everyday, I do not notice the gentle clanking noises that they make as I move about my day.  However, I bet you can guess who notices them…Oyster Cracker!

I thought to myself that my wearing jewelry days were over.  I could not have been more wrong.  Lately, she is no longer interested in just shiny metallic objects.  She has developed a love for buttons. It can be any size button and any color.  She loves to peck at those too.

My goodness, she is so perceptive.  Sometimes, she reminds me what I am wearing. I need to be careful with her.  We seem to like the same things. 

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3 thoughts on “Oyster Cracker’s Favorite Things”

  1. Oh, this is so true. I could write nearly the same story about my Ginger, also a Buff Orpington.

    The other day, I was giving my EE a good scratch between the wings after she did an egg squat in front of me and Ginger ran over and started pecking at my hands. Apparently, all my affections are reserved for her and her only.



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