The Nursery

March 10, 2011

…or brooder if you choose.  Today, we got everything set.  The hatch date is tomorrow and you can just feel the excitement in the family.  I don’t know who is more excited, the kids or me!  I have given the eggs about a 3 day window.  I hope to see some chicks by tomorrow afternoon.  Here are some pictures of our set-up. 

Here is the Momma to be.  She looks so cute
with the shavings on her head.


First I upcycled an old shallow cardboard box to be her makeshift nest. I filled it with lots of pine shavings and placed her eggs inside.

brooder set-up
Only Dolly’s food for now in the brooder

I’m so glad that we had this spare chicken coop in the garage. I lined the entire coop with cardboard to keep the drafts away from the little ones. I added Dolly’s food in dish. I will transfer it to a hanging dish once the babies are born. I don’t want the chicks eating her food.


The view looking out of the nest

How many chicks do you think we will get from the eight eggs?  What’s your guess?

Photo credits: Tilly’s Nest


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3 thoughts on “The Nursery”

  1. Hello, Tilley's Nest – your not the only one excited….I'll be checking in often. I hope all eight little chicks hatch happy and healthy. Good luck to you all, you're doing a fine job!
    BTW, yes, you can link my site on your blog. Thank you!!

  2. Thank you! Look for it under my favorite places. I too hope to meet eight little chicks over the next couple of days. They should be very small. The eggs are only about the size of a 50 cent piece!


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