An Irish Treat

March 18, 2011
Cabbage on St. Patrick’s Day


Despite all that has been going on in the brooder with Dolly and the seven new baby chick, the rest of the flock has still been getting lots of attention.  Yesterday, was their first St. Patrick’s Day!  I could not resist giving them their own St. Patty’s Day treat of cabbage!  I tore up half of the cabbage and scattered it on the ground in the run.  This would ensure that even those at the bottom of the pecking order would get to have a treat.  The rest I placed in the treat ball.  Tilly loves to dodge at the swinging treat ball after it gets pecked by one of the girls.  They have so much fun together!

Here is the flock enjoying the treat ball and the cabbage that was all over the run.  The girls and Chocolate had so much fun!  In the meantime, Dolly is finding that the chicks are becoming more independent.  Afterall, Egg number 3 is now 1 week old!  The older chicks are started to develop wing feathers.

I am also finding that they do not seek shelter under Dolly as much as they used to.  Yesterday, they were all snoozing together in front of the heat lamp.  They were sheltered by the heat lamp on one side and Dolly on the other creating a fluffy patchwork quilt of chicks.  They are thriving, eating and drinking like crazy!  I don’t remember my original girls from the hatchery last Spring eating this much.  It seems like Dolly is constantly suggesting to them that they eat.  She pecks at the chick food with much enthusiasm.  She even takes tiny bits and gives them to some of the chicks individually.  She is doing a great job.

Percy Peeper is also hanging in there.  The toes on its’ right feet are straightening and hopefully on Monday, I will be able to take off the brace and start some chick physical therapy.  I might just need to call my friend who is a therapist to help!

Eating as usual with Mama Dolly


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  1. Hi Found you through Deborah Jean's Friday Blog Hop….love to have some chicks, maybe some day. until then I will come and enjoy yours. Love them brown eggs too…

    Happy w/e….


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