I Hear Peeping!

March 11, 2011

At 7am this morning I could not contain myself anymore and ran into the garage to visit Dolly.  All of the eggs were underneath her as usual.  As quickly as I could, I took care of the rest of the flock and put Dolly in the large run with her family, I headed in to visit the eggs.

Yesterday, I candled all of the eggs once more.  From some eggs, I could hear a faint scratching noise against the shell.  In others, I heard nothing.  I was so reassured after the candling.  All of the eggs, except number one, were almost completely dark with a very small air space.  Number one, did not progress much further than 10 days.  I can only assume that there was something wrong with the embryo.  I removed it from the nest.

Goodbye Number 1

I was now visiting eggs 3-9.  Dolly still had 7 chances for chicks.  I quickly searched for egg number 3.  Since it was the oldest and it had been 21 days, I was hoping for signs of life.  As I picked up egg number 3, I could hear the faintest “cheep, cheep, chip”.  All of the other eggs remain quiet for now.  I brought the egg inside the house and showed the kids.  They were unable to contain their excitement!

I went out to the large run.  Dolly must have known.  She actually leaped in my arms when I said, “Dolly, eggs!”  I quickly returned her to the nest and headed into my son’s school for a presentation.

I returned home around 11am.  I rushed to see Dolly.  I could hear chirping from the nest.  I looked underneath and all eggs were unchanged.  However, I could hear peeping from underneath Dolly!  I gently looked at egg number 3.  The eggshell remained intact.  However, I could not mistake the tapping sounds from within.  I hope to have baby number one by this evening.

As for the rest of the eggs, their introduction was staggered over a three day period.  In nature, a broody hen will lay an entire clutch of eggs over the course of 8-12 days.  It is at that point, that she incubates the eggs.  Some eggs will hatch before day 21 and others will be late.  I hope that all of Dolly’s eggs hatch over the weekend.  We are truly blessed and amazed as we witness the miracle of life unfold before our very eyes.

Photo credit:  Tilly’s Nest


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  1. Egg number 1 looks like a rooster anyway. I don’t know whether this is an old wives tale but usually eggs that are pointed are roosters whilst oval eggs are hens.


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