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March 14, 2011
3 eggs left


Dolly leads the way
We have three eggs left in the nest.  Dolly is still sitting on them.  Eggs 7 and 8 are peeping and egg number 8 already has a pip.  I think that they will hatch sometime this evening.  In the meantime, the chicks are curious!  They are ready to explore.  I was able to witness Dolly taking them off the nest for the first time.  The little chicks one by one, plopped over the makeshift ramps of shavings that I created and headed straight to the food.  Dolly showed them how to peck and within no time, they were all eating.

Next Dolly, went over to the water and made a very low “doo, doo, doo” sound.  Two of the chicks came over and took their first drinks.  The others were content to stay with the food.  After about 2 minutes, Dolly returned to nest.  She called for her chicks.  At first she was calm, then after about 10 seconds, she became frantic.  She was torn, torn between the eggs and the chicks.  She quickly left the nest, called to the chicks and then ran back to the eggs.  I felt badly for her.  So, I scooped up all the chicks, one by one, and returned them to the nest with Dolly.  She was thankful and I could tell by the change in her voice.


Heading back to the nest

They all scurried underneath the safety of Dolly’s warm downy blanket.  Some even like to tuck themselves in between Dolly and her wings.  For now, they are all sitting on the nest, happy with full little bellies.  I hope that they stay with the remaining eggs a little while longer.  However, I can see that those first born babies are ready to explore their 3’x 2″ world with Dolly leading them every step of the way!

Hi, Mom, we’re back!


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