Evil Broody Twins

March 26, 2011

Meesha and Autumn are broody.  They have both been broody for about 2 weeks now.  This week, they have earned themselves the nickname, The Evil Broody Twins.  As they perch upon empty invisible eggs, their wrath is apparent when you even whisper their names.

They spend most of their day in the boxes, as expected.  Sometimes I find them sitting on others’ eggs and sometimes only air.  No matter, their greeting is always the same.  It starts out with a lot of low growling.  Meesha puffs up her neck.  I can see her labored breathing around her wattles.  Slowly, I try to pet them to reassure them that I come in peace.  With a quick whip of the neck, PECK!  They get me every time.

This morning, they were both together in the left nesting box, facing in opposite directions.  I think they planned it this way.  If I grabbed one from behind, the other’s head was there to peck my hand and vice versa.  I thought for sure they were fighting over a large egg that the girls laid this morning.  After about 5 minutes, I mustered up my courage and I grabbed them both, lifted them and revealed…nothing.  It was all over nothing.  Don’t ever listen to anyone that says chicken are not smart!  This morning those evil broody twins had a strategy.


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4 thoughts on “Evil Broody Twins”

  1. We had a hen named Supermommy who would bite your fingers if you tried to mess with her while she was broody. Most of our others would just poof up and scream at you. I make hubby stick his fingers in first. That way I'm not the one with missing digits. 😛

  2. Yes we did. Unfortunately, we didn't realized the covered cat litter box had vents in it. We had a lot of really bad rains and her eggs drowned. She was soaked and depressed. While hubby was bathing and drying her off, I went and got a few of the new babies that had arrive. She adopted them on the spot and was so happy.


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