The Dolly Mama

March 12, 2011

It must have happened during the night.  This morning, the garage was quiet.  Not a single peep, but Dolly seemed to be sitting a little more elevated and a little more careful.  I gently lifted Dolly up to the side.  Egg number 3 has hatched!

Quietly snuggling with my brothers and sisters

I gently scooped up the baby, quickly counted all ten toes and returned Number 3 to Dolly.

I think I am a lavender Silkie.
My toes, belly and wing tips are all yellow!
Do you like my egg tooth?
Dolly gently guided the peeping chick back to the safety of her downy sea of feathers.  After a few moments, the peeping settled down.  I did however get a quick chance to examine the rest of the eggs.
Number 4 and 5 are next to arrive

Eggs 4 and 5 have pip holes.  I think they should arrive by dinner time.  I think my husband said it best this morning, “Isn’t life a miracle?”


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5 thoughts on “The Dolly Mama”

  1. Awwww, one of my favorite things in life……….makes this farm girl happy! God's creation will never seace to amaze me…….I think He planned it that way!

    I enjoyed my time this morning at your blog……….you speak my language!!!!!!!
    Blessings, Linda at
    Prairie Flower Farm


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