Dolly the Magic Chicken

March 3, 2011

The past few days, I have taken Dolly from “Camp Broody” over to the larger coop and run with the rest of her family.  I reunite them first thing in the morning and with their late afternoon snack.  After ten minutes, I wait until Dolly enters the coop, I quickly close the door, open the coop and return her to the brooder.  I then return to the main coop and reopen the door. Usually when I go to retrieve Dolly, she is alone in the coop. The thing that makes me laugh is how the other chickens react.  Once I reopen the coop door, there is no Dolly.  At first, they didn’t notice, now they do.  When I return, I find them waiting outside of the closed coop door.  When I open it, they shoulder each other out of the way to be line leader.  They go in, take a quick look around and then realize Dolly is gone.  Hmmm……she disappeared.

Everytime Dolly goes over for her visit, there is some mild pecking that occurs, especially with the larger girls, Tilly, Oyster Cracker and Sunshine.  Interestingly enough, the Silkies are now content with their pecking order arrangements.  Tilly and Oyster Cracker sometimes can be so mean, especially if they are in the mood to lay an egg.  They both yell and kick out the Silkies from the coop.  Once they have settled into their preferred nesting boxes, the Silkies are then allowed back inside.  Typically, the little ones linger outside the coop door, stealing glimpses and wait until the coast is clear to enter. 

Today was not like any other day.  It is a crispy sunny chilly 18 degree F morning.  I went on with my usual am rountine, then grabbed Dolly for her visit. Today, Oyster Cracker had to lay an egg.  So, Dolly spent a little more time in the run.  After Oyster Cracker had settled into her nesting box, Dolly and Meesha went inside the coop.  I quickly closed the door, grabbed Dolly, returned her to the brooder and reopened the coop door. Once again, the others entered the coop and found she disappeared.

Today, there were two witnesses to the magic act.  I wonder if Oyster Cracker and Meesha will reveal how Dolly performs her disappearing act to the others?  I’d like to think they won’t and have decided to become the magician’s assistants.


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