Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Spring is Near

Daffodils in the yard

Finally I can say that Spring has arrived at Tilly’s Nest.  I found two little daffodil bulbs that have pushed their way through the soil.  I have also heard that the crocuses are in bloom along historic 6A. I can not wait to get to the coop and run and give them a thorough cleaning.  I also cannot wait to spread the chicken compost on my flower beds this year.  This is something that I am looking forward to, as this will be my first full year with the chickens.  Today, I also candled all of the eggs.  I could see baby chickens in all the eggs except for number 2.  So we will hope for 8 chicks in about 10 days.  Spring is such a wonderful time on Cape Cod.  New beginnings and new signs of life are everywhere I turn.  This is my favorite time of year.

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  • Isn't it wonderful? I am so happy that spring is starting to get here. I can't wait to clean out the chicken coop either! It's driving me crazy. I'll also have to do the turkey coop and goat barn. I have a place I pile all the poopy litter and let it set a year so it doesn't burn the plants. I'll use last year's pile this year – heaven knows our clay laden soil could use it! Can't wait to see those baby peeps!

  • I couldn't agree more!