You Can Take the Girl Out of LA…

February 24, 2011

…but you can’t take LA out of the girl.  I lived in Los Angeles for over half of my life and it is the place that I identify as “home”.  Prior to moving to Cape Cod, I was surrounded by designer handbags,beautiful people and designer puppy dogs.
Now that I live on Cape Cod, I consider my chickens to be “designer” chickens.  No expenses have been spared for them.  If I could, they would strut around the run with painted toenails but I am sure that they would peck each other’s toes to pieces.  Their favorite color is red!  Yes, I’ve even thought about having a pet psychic come to finally tell me what the girls are talking to me about.  Do they like me?  Are they happy?  Do they have dreams?  What does it feel like to lay an egg?

This all got me thinking about Dolly.  Yesterday, I physically had to remove her from the eggs and nest.  She is doing such a good job that she is not eating or pooping.  Finally, when removed she ate.  Her crop is mostly empty.  The zen-like state that she achieves is amazing!  Where does she go?  Does she achieve chicken nirvana?

Then it dawned on me, maybe I could provide her a little comfort with some nest aromatherapy!  I sprinkled some of the nesting box blend around her. Surrounded by her 9 little eggs, straw, shavings and all the chicken treats she could dream of, she settled down and closed her eyes for a well deserved nap.  Maybe I am onto something….I just might have to talk to someone about my idea for broody hen aromatherapy!


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