Chickens Stories from Our Nest

Taking a Break

Mama Dolly takes a break
I am finding that Dolly needs to be removed a couple of times from the nest during the day.  When I do, she quickly eats and drinks, then she returns to her eggs.  She had a large broody poo yesterday.  Boy, did that stink!   I think she feel stiff from all of that sitting.  When I touch her eggs, they are toasty warm.  Yesterday the kids and I candled some of the initial eggs that we placed underneath of her.  We can confirm that at one week of incubation, we have at least 5 viable eggs!

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  • Hi, I'm a first time chicken keeper and I've really enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing your little videos. I found your sight while looking for help for my little two week old chick who suddenly can't seem to walk or support her weight. She's also stopped eating and drinking, so I'm doing that with a dropper. I'm also supplementing with vitamins as it seems this may be due to a deficiency in the B vitamins.
    Anyway, your blog has lifted my flagging spirits. It is hard to see such a little life having such a hard time.
    Thanks for what you are doing here,
    Leahbeth from Canada