Silkie Eggs

February 12, 2011


Assorted Silkie Eggs

Silkie eggs are so wonderfully adorable.  Here are six resting upon a dessert plate.  Two of their eggs equal one regular size eggs.  Thinking ahead to Easter, they are going to make the sweetest colored Easter eggs.   Silkie hens are wonderful additions to your flock, even though they may not lay the largest eggs, they make-up for it with their sweet docile personalities; perfect for families with children.

Caramel colored egg from Tilly

This week our seven girls laid about 3 dozen eggs.  They have been busy.  Even thought Tilly is a larger standard breed, her eggs are not very large.  I would say that they are somewhere between a Silkie and a standard breed eggs.  However, once in a while, she delights us with unique shades of brown.  This one laid yesterday is a rich deep caramel color. It is almost too pretty to eat.

Oh, by the way,  Dolly does not appear to have continued with her broodiness.   Maybe she was just having a Calgon moment!


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