A Package Addressed to the Chickens

February 17, 2011
Well, the girls are officially know as “The Feathered Ladies of Tilly’s Nest”!  This package arrive a couple of days ago for them.   I placed an order from Treats for Chickens last week.  I was so touched by the thoughtfulness of their company to personalize the address label.  It brought a great smile to my day after the sadness of my last entry about Chocolate.
I bought all sorts of goodies for the flock.  I purchased electrolytes with probiotics, Nesting Box Blend, a Pest Pistol for my friend to use with the food grade Diatomaceous Earth, and something new; Full Crop Pumpkin Feed Snack.  I cleaned out the coop today and as I was doing so, I sprinkled the pumpkin treat out in the run.  They went berserk over it.  All the chickens loved it.  They also love getting the Nesting Box Blend sprinkled in the freshly cleaned nesting boxes.  It is like catnip for chickens.  I have never heard so much chicken talk as they scratch in the shavings to discover the delicious tasty morsels.  I am glad that the package arrived on Valentine’s Day.  I wanted to get the chickens something special too.
Chock full of goodies


Thought you would want to know, I receive no financial incentives from Treats for Chickens in mentioning their products.


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