Not Again…

February 11, 2011

I think that there is the distinct possibility that Dolly just might be going broody again.  Last night about half an hour before I locked them in for the night, Dolly was sitting in the nesting box.  Once again, I could pet her.  I reached underneath and found a warm egg snuggled into her chest feathers.   I removed the egg.  She did not leave the box.  If she is broody again, I can not believe it!  She has only been out of her last broody state for 2 weeks! 

I thought about her all evening.  This morning, I went out and they all came out together.  Dolly was outside enjoying fresh water and scratch.  Just now, I went to check if she was in the box.  She was outside in the run.  I found an egg. Tilly laid an egg and somehow it ended up outside the box.  Tilly never lays outside the box.  Last time Dolly was broody, I found her stealing other chickens’ eggs and rolling them into her box.  She was so desperate that she tried to sit on everyone’s eggs.  What is going on in there?  I think that I am going to clean the coop today; maybe that will throw the flock off and distract them.  We might have some adverse weather tomorrow. I just hope the forecast doesn’t call for rain and snow with a chance of broodiness.


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