Bad Hair Day

February 3, 2011

Clockwise from top left: Autumn, Feathers, Meesha, Feathers

 The northeast was slammed again with more snow.  The Cape got rain and let me say, lots of it.  The ground was already frozen with a combination of old snow and ice.  This did not allow the freezing rain to go many places.  In some areas of our yard, the ice is at least 6 inches deep.  Salting and sanding our driveway did little to help.  The salt drilled holes into the ice but did not melt it. 

The chickens were kept pretty dry thanks to my weatherproofing.  However, most of the Silkies ended up today having bad hair days.  Dried mud caked onto their head feathers made for pretty silly looking birds this morning.  Dolly was the only one who maintained her gorgeous coif.  That doesn’t surprise me, she is our most sophisticated and proper Silkie in the bunch!

Lookin’ good Dolly

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